I know the tendency, trust me, I know. The tendency to overtext because you like her so much and you cant stop thinking about her. Infatuation can be suffocating. And what you’re doing when you keep texting her, and worse so if she doesn’t respond, is you’re suffocating her. The more you text the more she doesn’t want to text you back. Don’t believe me? Let’s break this down logically. A) You’re texting her way more than you usually text anyone. B) If she’s not responding you get insecure and start to panic, so in your panic you text her more or text her something stupid just to lighten the tension you’ve created for yourself. C) She thinks to herself, I’m not texting this guy and yet I’m still receiving so many messages, what would happen if I return his messages? Are you starting to see how you appear when you overtext? You seem like a desperate, insecure, and pitiful boy with no options. Girls hate guys like this, so don’t be a guy like this. Keep your cool, calm down, and focus on yourself. If she texts you back, great. If she doesn’t, it’s her loss. Keep the big picture in mind and you’ll be the tortoise that wins, not the hare that has used up its energy far too early.


This could be difficult because you like her. She’s the first thing you think of when you wake up, and the last thing you think of before you fall asleep. You’re infatuated by her beauty, her most genuine of smiles, the way her eyes laugh when a joke you tell is actually funny, and you feel like you’ve found your soul mate. You think about the life you could have with her by your side, waking up next to her, and falling asleep beside her. Stop thinking about all that and stop trying so hard!

I know you’ve heard it before. Girls like assholes. And even though you really don’t want to be an asshole to the love of your life, to your soul mate, you must actively try not to be the nicest guy in her life. Because nice guys climb the friendship ladder faster than any asshole can. You want to flip the script and have her worry over you not texting her, over you not trying at all, and over you acting like you don’t care about her. Make her think that she isn’t the love of your life and that you’ll be waking up to someone else the next morning. You want her to believe that you’ve got so many admirers and that she is one of many. So stop being too nice and stay away from that ladder. Because once you’re on that friendship ladder, you’re stuck, and the game is over and she will fall in love with someone else and that person won’t be you.


Nothing has happened yet, and if you’re too sentimental then nothing ever will. The two of you aren’t an item, you two haven’t shared any significant memories, so why try and fabricate it? No, don’t buy her a cake from that one bakery you two walked by. Nothing has happened in that bakery, that bakery means nothing to either of you and she probably didn’t even remember that stupid bakery. So why appear more sentimental and romantic when there is nothing there to be sentimental about? Do all this stuff when you can confirm that she likes you, then when she likes you, make her fall in love with you.

I know you have the inner romantic in you, but save it for someone that truly deserves it, take it from someone that has been there and done that. Don’t waste your emotions and heart on someone that probably doesn’t care about you. Don’t let her cold shoulders prevent you from having a great time with your friends on a warm Friday night. Don’t let her evasiveness hinder you from the inclusive personality that you possess. And don’t let her innocent eyes and angelic personality persuade you that she’s actually worth your time.

I get it. When you like someone, it’s extremely hard to keep a cool head. But keep a cool head you must, because if you don’t, you’ll end up getting burned. Treat all women right, obviously, but always remember that love is a game. So treat her like you’d treat anyone else, with dignity and respect, but nothing special and one of many. Take care of yourself, be confident in yourself, and if you’re not confident yet, don’t worry as you can develop it.

Focus on yourself and have her fawn over you, not the other way around.



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