The handmade shoes that take longer to make are always better than the factory made ones that tear more easily. Easy come easy go, hard to get hard to let go. So when you’re using online dating apps, always be aware of this mantra because once you’re in this scene you need to know this: if she swiped right for you, she probably swiped right for someone else too.

  • Tinder – a numbers game, the more you swipe the more matches you get.  There is very little substance in the filtering process and it is akin to having a conversation like this: “You hot or not?”
  • Ok Cupid – they put you through a personality test and therefore it is in theory a bit more filtered. The conversation would go more like this: “You like chocolate chip ice cream? That’s nice, so you hot or not?”
  • Coffee Meets Bagel – The filtering process is a lot more detailed and you have a set amount of credits to “like” someone. Therefore, one could surmise that the credits would be more valuable and as a result used more carefully and less flippantly.  Conversation arising would be sort of like: “I’m a college graduate, and you are too? Let’s meet to see if you hot or not.”
  • – a few of my friends have actually had semi-meaningful relationships after using this app. The filtering process is lengthy and they match you based on your user profile. Imagine this conversation: “I want to get married. Me too. Wait, you have a Tinder account also?”

The point is this; social media is an easy-come-easy-go approach to dating.  Don’t ever take it too seriously and you will keep your sanity. Face to face conversations are always better than instant messaging, and putting effort into dating someone you like will always see you reap greater rewards.

There is something to be said however, about dating the old fashioned way.  Whether it’s meeting someone at the local grocery store, an upscale bar, or through friends.  Walking up to someone, introducing yourself, and shaking someone’s hand is always better than swiping left or right.  

The biggest benefit of introducing and meeting someone right from the beginning is this: it gives you the opportunity to set yourself apart from the other guys.  Dating the old fashioned way gives you the opportunity to do things your way!  You’re not simply a type of job, some bullet points of interest, and just a face.  No, you are a multi-faceted individual and she should know about you.

So, online dating?  Fine, if you must.  But dating the old fashioned way is more difficult, but way better.  




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