As consumers, we waste money on a lot of things, ordering too much food, buying too much alcohol, and sometimes even wasting money on the wrong person (don’t worry, we’ve all been there).  But one thing that you can easily stop wasting money on is your wardrobe.  The next time you’re shopping for something, consult the Workman and you’ll be sure to never waste money on your wardrobe again.


One way to never waste money on your wardrobe is to never make your purchasing decisions based on trends.  Often times, trends are created by someone or some company, and their fashion is not necessarily yours.  Remember the puka shell necklace?  The baggy jeans?  The trucker hats?  The Hawaiian shirts?  You get the hint.  Making your purchasing decisions on trends is a guaranteed way to waste your money.  So stay away from fads like poorly dyed and overly torn jeans, graphic tees, and “i’m with stupid” t-shirts.  All these wardrobe purchases are guaranteed to waste money.

Another way to avoid trends?  The first thing you must do is to find, and then develop your own identity.  Things to consider when you’re developing your personal style is your age, your occupation, your lifestyle, and finally, your assets.  


Although you may think having a lot of different clothes is better than having a little less, purchasing for quality over quantity is something that will definitely help you from wasting money.  Think about that time you splurged on a brand new laptop or that new iPhone, remember how much you treasured it?  Okay, keep that feeling in your mind, now transfer it to your wardrobe. When you choose to purchase quality, you are telling yourself that you care about what you put on.  This not only helps you develop your own style but also makes you more conscious when you shop, and the more you care about something, the less you will waste it.


Eyeing that new peacoat? Buy it at the end of winter.  You want a set of new chinos?  Wait until the winter begins.  Those Chelsea boots staring at you?  Shop for them during the summer.  The key is to check the websites because there will be massive sales at the end of every season; companies do this to get rid of their inventory.  Buying items out of season is a tactical way to get the most bang for your buck!



Ever hear that saying “black matches everything?”  Well, it’s true!  To stay out of trouble, it’s best to stay neutral (hint: this motto applies to everything).  Purchasing neutral colors, like shades of gray, black, white, beige, blue, and brown will help keep your wardrobe contemporary without following trends.

Neutral and earthy tones also have a positive impact on the eyes.  Sure they aren’t as visually stimulating as a sharp red or deep purple, but earthy colors exude a sense of warmth and comfort.  Because neutral colors are the easiest to match, your wardrobe will stay trend-free and you can also spend money on the quality pieces.

Luckily for you, the bright minds over there by HowardMatthews have you covered!  Their stuff is exclusively sourced with excellent materials and most of their stuff is consumer conscious with a focus on quality and sustainability.


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