Chivalry is not dead. It has simply evolved. The rules of the game haven’t changed, the way it is played has. Commit these three actions to habit and you’re sure to be the 21st century gentleman that every woman dreams of.

Dating an art, and most of the time it is a competitive, heartbreaking endeavor. There are so many guys out there that she can date, that she can like, and that she can fall in love with, so why should it be you? The quicker you understand that love is a game of winners and losers, the sooner you’ll find yourself in the winner’s circle. And how do you do this? The devil is in the details my friend and swag is subtle.



This goes without saying right? But contrary to what you may think, so many guys do not do this. It is the first subtle gesture you can do to show a woman that you are going to make her life as easy as possible. For swinging doors, open the door so that she doesn’t get her hands dirty and let her through first. For revolving doors, politely say “let me push it” then be the first to push the revolving door; ensure that there is enough momentum so she doesn’t have to touch it. For taxis, cars, and ubers, open the door first, and say, “would you like me to enter first”? Why should you enter first? Well, she may be wearing a skirt and sliding in may be difficult, or the act of moving to the other side of backseat could be tiring.


Picture this. You’re attending a group dinner with a bunch of friends/acquaintances and there are both men and women in the dinner party, how are you going to stand out? The easiest and most subtle way is to stand up halfway when she comes and goes from the table. Don’t stand up all the way as it’ll look weird, but simply lift yourself from the seat a bit to show her that you acknowledge her presence. Every other guy will be sitting there and you’ll be the only one that made an effort. Winning.



Everyone needs a blazer or suit jacket. It is a wardrobe essential that can be dressed up or dressed down. Not only is it stylish, but it can also be romantic and used as an appropriately intentional act of chivalry; offer your jacket. This gesture isn’t only kind and thoughtful, but it is also downright Hollywood. This gesture is the post-dinner-wow-factor that she goes home and calls her girlfriends about. Whether or not she’s cold or accepts your jacket, it is something that she will definitely remember. And when she remembers such a gesture, she will most definitely remember the guy that offered it.


Technology can be both beneficial and detrimental. If you’re feeling like doing something extra special, call an Uber to pick her up and surprise her with the dinner location. This one is a bit tricky but if you think she’s into it, this move can set the tone of your date right from the start. If the aforementioned is a bit too adventurous for you, definitely take her home by either paying for her taxi/Uber or dropping her off. Nobody likes going home alone and why should your date have to? Finally, don’t use your phone on a date. Pay attention to her, not who’s commenting on your pointless social media post.


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