It’s all well and good to be the chill guy, the laid back guy, the easy-going guy; be that guy! But being laid back and chill shouldn’t mean that you don’t care passionately about something. It’s important for a man to discover himself and his own personal interests, so read on to find out why you should discover your passions and how you can start cultivating them.


A man that lives with passion is a man that will undoubtedly love his life. We all know that life is short and anything can happen, so why not live the life you want? The sooner you are happy with the choices you make, the way you spend your time, and the people you surround yourself with, the sooner you will start loving the life you’re living.

Once you know what you makes you tick, your positive energy and natural zest for life will rub off on the people around you and you will in turn attract like-minded people. This will only happen when you discover something that is worth your time. You must love what it is that you do. And once you love something, as a bi-product, your confidence in the subject and yourself will steadily grow. Whether professionally, romantically, or socially with your friends, being a guy that commits to his passion is sexy and attractive. So discover what you truly enjoy and then start developing them.


No, don’t take personality tests. No, don’t sit in the park and think about what you like. No, don’t recall childhood interests. That isn’t how you truly discover your passions. This is what you do:

  • Try a lot of things out. Take some time and/or money, to really find out what it is that you like. Say wine might be your thing; take some wine classes (we provide them by the way). Let’s say you like experimenting in the kitchen. Why can’t you buy a whole bunch things you don’t typically buy at the grocery store and start cooking with them? If massages are your thing, take a few courses then try them out on that special somebody!  
  • Let go of fear and don’t worry about failing. Even if you’re not good at something but you like it a lot, what is stopping you from developing what you like further? Not everybody was born naturally talented, so you need to work at what you like. Don’t worry about failure, just try out many things, find what you like, and start developing them.


  • Commit. We live in a society where we like everything fast. Fast dates, fast food, fast delivery, fast Internet, fast lives. Cultivating our passions shouldn’t be this way. Once you commit to something you like, be sure to take your time and really learn it. Committing to something and seeing it through displays maturity and a coming-of-age, this is what makes a true man.
  • Share them. Sharing what you love and why love it is the best way to cultivate your passions. It allows you to gauge how much you’ve learned and also allows others to give you their opinions.  Hear others out, learn from them, and continue to hone your passions, doing all this will allow you to grow as a person and grow into an admirable man.

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