Do you sometimes feel like you’re on an island and you can’t get a read on her? Well, everything is a tell. Often times guys find themselves wondering if a girl they like feels the same way. Here are a few subtle hints and actions that could indicate things are swinging in your favor.


This is the biggest tell.  Is she sitting with her arms crossed or in an open position?  Is she directly facing you and giving you eye contact when she is speaking, or is she looking around and not really facing you?  Is she sitting with her elbows on the table quite casually or does she seem a bit like she’s acting too formal?  Does she seem closed off or open and ready to share a bit more of herself?  Or does she seem like she’s in a hurry and needs to go.  Body language is key so make sure you pay attention to these tells.    


People drink alcoholic beverages for a variety of reasons. Sometimes for celebrations, other times to pair with food, and still other times, to ease one’s anxieties. And as such, there are a few things that can be learned simply by the drink she orders. The general rule of thumb for me is this: if she orders a stronger drink, it most likely means she wants to loosen up a bit. And who better to relax with than you!

Alcohol is called “truth serum” for a reason. And what tends to happen when people drink alcohol is that they let their guards down for a bit to express what they genuinely feel. So take the fact that she orders a stronger beverage with you as a compliment because there is a big chance that she’s willing to open up to you.  


It’s all about the details. More likely than not she will not be wearing pajamas when she decides to go out with you, so the girl dressing nicely isn’t the big tell; but look more closely and the truth may begin to reveal itself. Is she wearing earrings? Has she put on a bit more perfume? Does her makeup look a bit more detailed? These extra steps leading up to the date usually indicate how seriously she takes the date. If the girl has put in extra effort to prepare herself, then why is it wrong for us guys to assume that she’s not taking the date seriously? And if she does, that’s another notch in the win column for us.


All people smile at some point. You like things that make you happy. And just as this generality is true for all material things, this is true for all dates as well. When you tell her things about yourself, does she respond with a smile? When she tells you about her life, does she want you to really know about it? Is she glad to tell you? The positivity she exudes when on the date is an outward expression of her inner intention. So read between the words and look at her. Does she want you to look at her? To notice her? To see her smile when you’re in her company? Yes? Well then, you’re good as gold.


Having a clear perspective and a keen sense of intuition will help you see your date more clearly.  Maintain eye contact and keep your brain sharp while you notice her mannerisms, do this and you’re golden.


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