Bad stuff happens. And most of the time, bad stuff happens to good people; good people like you! So to explain why you need these items in your office cubicle, I’ve created these scenario based examples for you to think about and then act upon. Read on and let this post take over your fifteen-minute workday break.


The subway car you see approaching doesn’t have many riders in it and the other cars passing by look super packed. You’re in a jam and need to make a decision about which subway car to get into in approximately 20 seconds, so you take the empty car. You step in and it’s hot and stuffy and you realize the reason it’s empty is because the air conditioner isn’t working. So you’re soaked in sweat and maybe you might’ve even spilled coffee on your shirt.  Your life sucks all of a sudden and bad stuff happens to good people. And you’re good people. What now?

So this is what you need in your office cubicle. Go and grab yourself an extra button down shirt in a neutral color, white or light blue. Take time folding it so it’s not wrinkly and keep it in your office for when air conditioners break malfunction on good people.


You’re late for a meeting and the two ladies ahead of you on the escalator are talking about their weekend upstate and how that one prosecco was better than that other rose.

And for the sake of the balance…

You’re late for a meeting and the two dudes ahead of you on the escalator are talking about their weekend in a pub called Connolly’s and how many shots of cheap whiskey they each had.

So for the sake urgency you ask them to kindly step aside and you start walking up the escalator. In your urgency you feel a small tear, not in your hamstring as you’re a young and athletic guy, but in your too tight trousers. And at the top of the escalator you don’t find heaven but you’re in your own type of hell as your too tight trousers have just torn and that is a crappy feeling. And bad stuff happens to good people and you’re one damn good guy.

So this is what you need in your office cubicle. An extra pair of navy blue trousers, clean and pressed and neatly folded into your tiny office space. Navy blue because it will match any color shoes and belt you’re wearing, and it’ll also definitely match whatever shirt and tie you already have on.


You’ve had a long day and you’re slumped in the swivel chair that your company has bought in excessive bulk. Your work productivity is low, your ambition is naught, and your energy levels are running on fumes. You’ve also just checked the time and it’s only 2:37PM so you’ve got a long way to go. And just as you glance at the time the cute girl that you’ve noticed is about to walk by. So you reach for the small bag of nice chocolates you purchased while you made your way back home the other night, take one out, and offer one to her.

“Long day eh?” you ask her audibly.

“Tell me about,” she replies as colleagues inevitably say.

“Care for a chocolate?”

And just when your energy levels nearly hit rock bottom, a simple piece of chocolate lifts your spirits, lifts her spirits, and creates a small and pleasant conversation.

“Thank you for the chocolate, I needed that,” she says.

“My pleasure, you can stop by anytime.”

So crappy things happen to good people. But always remember that good things can reveal themselves in the worst of situations. And you’re a good person. And aren’t you glad you just spent time reading this?



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