It’s been a long week of work, and you need a drink; well so does everyone else.  And while you can simply push your way through the crowd, there’s a better way to do it, and we’re here to tell you how.


As with most things in life, knowing what you want and how you want it makes everything so much easier.  Think about the most recent time someone said “I have something to tell you,” then that person forgets what he/she originally wanted to say?  Remember that feeling you had?  Well, imagine that feeling multiplied by a hundred, that’s the life of a bartender.  Lesson?  Know what you want to order before you actually order it!  It may seem simple, but so many people fall victim to their own uncertainty.

If you want a special gin and tonic, state the type of gin you want.  If you want a particular type of old fashioned, mention the type of whiskey you prefer.  If you want a beer, don’t ask for a taster in a crowded bar, know the type of beer you want and try it; your bartender will appreciate this.IMG_9375.JPG


Be better than your competition, that’s how you succeed in this capitalistic, dog-eat-dog society.  You’re at a bar with a girl you like, be the first to get her a drink.  Showing your mates from out of town a good time, be the first to order them a Manhattan.  Finished with your negroni and want another, make sure the bartender remembers you.  How?  If everyone is tipping three dollars a drink, double up and give the bartender six.  Remember, leaving a stellar first impression is always in fashion.  So, the next time you’re at a bar, leave a better-than-average tip on your first order, this will set the tone for the night and your bartender will definitely remember you.  IMG_7095.JPG


Becoming a regular at a bar is the best thing you can do to make your drinking experience fun and effective.  Being a regular has many benefits, some of them may include: over pours on drinks, free drinks, faster drinks, and generally better service.  It’s also super impressive when you take a date to a place and everyone knows you and says good things about you.  So, you take care of your friends, and they’ll take care of you, now find a place you like and start becoming a regular, here’s how:

  • Vary your visits: Although it’s perfectly fine to go to your favorite watering hole during peak hours, these hours isn’t exactly the best time to get to know your bartender.  There are just too many faces, too many people, and too many things going on for them to get to know you and remember you.  So, don’t only go on a Friday night, but also drop by for a few on a Tuesday night! 
  • Be friendly and polite to your bartender: Go on a quieter night and get to know them.  Ask them questions about alcohol and what’s good to drink before dinner and after.  What drinks pair well with others.  Obviously don’t be annoying, but be friendly. 
  • Be generous: Offer to buy them a drink and overtip a bit sometimes.  Show your generosity and they’ll be generous back to you guaranteed!





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