Summertime always seems to bring out the best in people. Everyone just seems to want to look better, dress nicer, and have more fun. So this summer, listen to me and do these basic things.


Grab a few of your friends together, delegate some responsibilities, throw on your flip flops, and hit the grass for some fun in the sun. Here are a few top tips for the perfect day out.

  • Keep it simple with charcuterie and cheese, you can eat with your hands and cleanup is super easy. Pre-made sandwiches are also a solid choice; the idea is to stay away from foods that require a knife and fork. 
  • Put your alcohol in water bottle or other liquid container that doesn’t show branding. They can’t say anything if they don’t know what it is. 
  • Bluetooth speakers for the win. Charge em’ up and blast em’ up!


Pack on the pounds and keep warm during winter, but shred as much as you can during the summer, as summertime is when the clothes come off. Nothing feels better than a form fitting muscle tee and a tight body, especially during the summer. Here are a few things you can do (using just your bodyweight) if you don’t have a gym membership.

  • Plyo push-ups – 4 sets of 20 pushups
  • Superman holds – 4 sets of 2 minute holds
  • V sit-ups – 4 sets of 25 sit-ups
  • Squat hops – 4 sets of 20 hops

Doing these exercises at home will not only work on your cardio, but hits all the major muscle groups to keep you looking lean and well maintained.



Say you’re into drinking and having a nice time. Learn how to make some cocktails. Have some spare time and like good food? Learn to cook a new signature dish. Feeling a need to add to your resume? Learn a few new skills. Summer is a time to get out and get moving, Netflix and chill during the winter, get out and grind during the summer! Another one!



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