Planning a date can be stressful; the does-she-like-me, does-she-not-like-me phase can be tricky.  So stressful in fact, that you may find yourself asking these questions of insecurity: Am I talking too much? Is that too long a moment of silence? Is she bored?  Not to worry though, be secured in the knowledge that these three places are a sure bet to be a winner.


This one takes a bit of research as food festivals don’t occur all the time. But when they do, save the date and bring a date! Why bring someone to a food festival you may ask? Well, because it answers a whole plethora of questions you may have about your future partner. For example, you would know whether she is cultured, whether she only eats vegetables, whether she only knows about certain types of cuisines, and whether she cares to learn about other cultures. Food festivals typically feature a variety of different foods from a host of different cultures, and knowing these pressing questions in the beginning phases of courtship may help you determine whether you want to be with this person for the long haul.

Food festivals are also a good date because you get to learn more about her preferences (which can help you set up another date). What types of food does she like? Does she not like celery? Does she have a sweet tooth? Is she experimental in her tastes? But most importantly, food festivals give the date a very casual and comfortable feel. For one, you’re not sitting across from one another, which just oozes formality. It also allows you to share the things you’ve ordered with her.  As such, you should make the date like it is something of an adventure. Try as much food as you both can and then share your thoughts about which ones you both liked.

Finally, when you’re both satiated and ready to take a breather. Find yourself a bench, buy two beers, toast to the day you’ve just spent with her, and people watch while you chat. One final tip: bring cash.  



One thing I’ve noticed of all museums is this: they are always clean and tidy! Whether it is a natural history museum, a modern museum, or a science museum, all museums are aesthetically pleasing. There is something about the urban planning and design elements of museums that make them so hospitable and comfortable to walk around; use this to your advantage. A date at the museum doesn’t necessarily have to be you pretending to know everything about the artist and their work. No, you could simply check into the museum, stroll around its professionally thought out layouts, and check out whatever exhibits you feel like; you don’t even need to say anything about the art! Usually, museums offer outdoor walkways and areas to sit and enjoy some views. So instead of entering a silent room and staring at something, walk around from room to room, side by side, and talk about whatever it is you both want to.

The trick to a museum date is to use its environment. For example, if there is an awkward silence between you two, comment on some art. If you’re feeling a bit tense and you need a breather, walk into the other room and stare at a sculpture. If you’ve run out of things to say, don’t say anything at all. Whatever the case may be, there are countless conversation starters at your disposal that make for a great dating environment because you essentially get to dictate what you want out of it.

When all the staring and commenting on art is done, make sure you visit the museum’s cafe. This gives you both some time to share your experiences, comment on things you liked about the venue, and whether you are both interested in the same things. Also, museum dates make you at least appear to be a cultured person, even though you probably drink your whiskeys with coke.



If you haven’t noticed already, the theme here is walking around and doing things, all while giving you the chance to make conversation in a relaxed way. So for this date, do some research and check out a cool new street or a nice little neighborhood. As an example, start off by walking on one side and then end by walking back the other side. Usually, these streets and neighborhoods have many things to do and see.  I’m sure there will be some cool coffee shops, maybe some cool furniture or antique stores, some local handmade trinkets, and most likely a local pub for you both to check out.  You can do some extra research to see if there is anything special about the neighborhood.  Maybe they have a local brewery or they may have a local ice cream and sweets shop.  Some streets even showcase loads of cool artwork in graffiti form if this is your thing.  

The point of this date is that it keeps things interesting with loads of conversation starters and chances to get to know her and her opinions on life. You could even buy her a small trinket or something to commemorate the date, just make sure that it isn’t too formal and it’s something silly and funny; like an ugly magnet or something.


One final thing to note.  The point of going on dates is to get to know someone, and typically, people don’t really show their true colors unless they are comfortable with that person.  So when planning a date, try and keep it as comfortable and casual as possible.  Be a nice and sincere person, smile often and with confidence, and if the date doesn’t work well, be comforted in the knowledge that she will know you’re still a warm, albeit maybe incompatible life partner.    






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