It’s natural to want to save your hard earned money.  And if you’re a professional grinder like us then that money truly is hard earned.  But if you’re going to reward yourself and splurge on something,  you must splash out on these 3 things.


Wearing cheap, old, and ugly shoes just isn’t a good look.  You really can’t be taken too seriously if you walk into a meeting or interview wearing shoes that indicate you don’t care about what you put on.  And if you can only afford one really nice pair, we recommend purchasing a pair of black oxfords.  Simply go into a shoe store and ask the person helping you for “oxfords”.  To seem more educated in your shoe game, these are a few things you should consider when purchasing:

  • Construction: the construction of the shoe is really important when you’re spending a lot of money, this is because some shoes can be re-soled.  So when splurging on your leather shoes, make sure they are goodyear welted.
  • Leather: if you can afford it, buy shoes that are made with calf-skin or cordovan leathers.  They are definitely more expensive but they will last much longer and will conform to the shape of your foot the longer you wear them.  Remember, we are aiming for quality over quantity.  
  • Silhouettes: or the shoe “last”.  Our advice is to buy a shoe silhouette that isn’t too round or too pointy, get one that is comfortable but sleek.  Don’t worry about asking the store clerk what he/she thinks about a particular style of shoe.  



If you want to be a deal closer and make power moves, you must own a nice watch.  With some things in life, knowing where it comes from is all you really need to know.  As the region of Champagne is to sparkling wine, Kobe is to beef, the Watch Valley (Geneva to Basel) is to watches.  And if you’re really going to splurge on a watch, save your money and purchase a Swiss watch.  They are definitely more expensive than any other watch, but they last a lifetime and can be handed down from generation to generation.  Watches are also a great conversation starter, especially if you have a story that goes with why you purchased the watch.  Things to look for:

  • Versatility: if you’re only going to buy one, make sure it isn’t simply a sports watch or a formal dress watch.  Do your research and find a watch that can be dressed up or down.
  • Brand: there are loads of Swiss watches out there, make sure you buy from a brand that has a good history and is well respected within the watch making community.   


It doesn’t need to be from a big fashion house with a brand name, but it should be made of good quality leather.  Gone should be the days of velcro straps and neon colored wallets.  Because once you spend some money on a good leather wallet, it will absolutely last more than a few years.

  • Quality leather over Brands: there won’t be many chances to show off your wallet, so there is no need to get one with a huge brand logo it.  Therefore, the brand of the wallet isn’t that important.  You do however want one with nice leather as you will be using it every single day.
  • Size/Design: we suggest going for a classic, get a black or dark brown bi-fold or tri-fold.  



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