Life is hectic, we get it.  You’re always busy and there are just too many things that need to be taken care of.  Always on the grind and always on the hustle is your mantra and we applaud you for it.  However, whatever your schedule may be, never forget to do these five things every single day.  

1. Make your bed

This isn’t difficult; it doesn’t even take much time. What is the point of making your bed? Well, it isn’t to keep your sheets warm, to keep the dust off, or to even freshen up the room. Making your bed subconsciously teaches you how to be responsible, mature, and diligent. Take it from a fellow workman, make your bed every day and you will see your life drastically improve. Not only because you come home after a hard day’s work to a nicely made bed, but doing this will also add some simple discipline to your life.  

2. Stretch (at least a little)

Your body will love you for this and it also feels good! I recommend stretching your back, your hamstrings, and your calves as I think these 3 areas of your body are the muscles that you use most often on any given work week. You should stretch your back because it helps with good posture, your hamstrings because it helps with stiffness and general walking, and finally your calves because sometimes there just isn’t an elevator!

3. Give a compliment

Don’t do it in a weird way, learn how to give a compliment here. But doing something as simple as giving a compliment can make or break your day. Spread the positive energy by giving positive energy!


4. Drink a six-pack of water

This may seem easy but it’s actually quite hard to do. Think about the last time you had a good amount of water? I bet it wasn’t much more than a sip or two. Frankly said, that isn’t enough. Grab yourself a water bottle and drink six of them. It helps with digestion, helps with fatigue, and helps keep your skin and body from drying out.  

5. Eat some vegetables

Everyone loves meat and protein. I may love it more than anyone else! Click here if you ever feel like cooking a steak. But we can’t have meat all the time, and eating a bit of veg every single day is a must. Try ordering the salad bowl instead of the chicken parm sandwich. Order a kale smoothie instead of a soda. And try to substitute that extra scoop of pasta with some spinach.



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