This post is going to be a throwback to the days of high school. When looks mattered more than they should have. When you still had to verbally ask a girl to the homecoming dance. When shopping malls still existed.  And when you still had to burn the thirteen track CD for the girl you crushed on with your Windows 95 computer. This gentlemen, is how you create the perfect playlist.


The first song of the playlist needs to set the mood.  Therefore, the first song of every playlist needs to be upbeat and one that everyone knows how to sing. If the first song is too slow or too boring, it will make the people at the party not want to listen any further, so that’s why keeping the first tune upbeat and fun is of utmost importance. Another thing you must consider is popularity. The song needs to be popular enough to instantly register with your listeners, so much so that people can sing along.  If you’re stuck in a jam, I recommend songs like this:

This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan
Happy – Pharrell Williams
Thriller – Michael Jackson
7 Days – Craig David


Once you’ve hooked your listeners with an upbeat tune that they can hum along to, now it’s time to show a bit of your personality. So whether you’re into the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beyonce, or 2 Chainz, the middle parts of the playlist is up to you. The important thing to consider here are the lyrics. If you’re playing Marvin Gaye, does his songs match the mood or style you want to portray? If you choose Miles Davis, are you kind of blue? If you’re nodding away to Timberlake, are you ready to dance? Remember, the middle portion of the playlist must portray who you are as a person; the lyrics and mood must reflect that.  As an example, these are some of the songs in the middle portion of my play list.

Still Not a Player – Big Pun & Fat Joe
What Do U Mean – Justin Bieber
Come and See Me – Party Next Door feat. Drake
So Into You – Fabolous feat. Tamia
Too Close – Next


The ending is the most important part. Think of it like the last thing you say to someone before the end of the night. What is it that you want them to remember about you? What feeling do you want them to have when they leave your company? How do you want to make them feel? How do you want want them to remember you?  This is what I play to end the night.  I’ll leave the rest up to you.

Love feat. Zacari – Kendrick Lamar
Confessions – Usher
4 Seasons of Loneliness – Boyz II Men 

And there you have it, the perfect playlist for that thirteen track high school throwback! 


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