After wearing suits all week, one could forgive you for wanting to wear nothing but shorts and t-shirts over the weekend, fair enough. But for those times in which you’ve got a hot date or a special occasion, here are two simple ways you can spice up your sports coat/suit.


Ditch the tie and wear a pocket square. They add a splash of color and will also give your suit a more casual look. They’re also a great conversation starter and if you wear them correctly, you’ll receive much attention. Here are some things you should consider when you want to splurge a bit.

  • Make sure they’re hand rolled. This gives your pocket squares an elegant more flowy touch. They’ll look a bit imperfect but that’s what we’re after here, imperfection.
  • There isn’t a hard rule as to how to fold a pocket square. You can fold it however you want. Just make sure it doesn’t look too bulky in your chest pocket. You definitely don’t want a huge wad of cloth in protruding from your chest.Nonchalance is key. Fold it how you like, tuck it in however you see fit, and then wear it like it’s not even there. The less you notice it the more others will.


Lapel pins are another subtle way to give your suit or sports coat an extra bit of pop and they do vary greatly. They can come in any size, any color, any texture, and any shape. But stick with these lapel pin rules and win at life.

  • If you go big, stay at home. The smaller the better when wearing lapel pins. You’re not getting married this weekend so you don’t need a huge flower on your chest. Keep it simple and keep it subtle. Anything bigger than the size of a nickel is too big!  
  • Play with materials. See if you can find a mother of pearl pin or even one made of wood. Not feeling natural? Then grab a ceramic one or a plastic one with a matte finish. Stay away from something too shiny or flashy though. You want it to complement your suit not take away from it.
  • Stay away from ones with needles. They either make you look like you’re a boy scout or a boy scout leader, so no, no needles. Instead, grab fixed lapel pins that fit effortlessly into that notch in your suit. Do these things and you’re good to go!IMG_5407

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