I’ve always considered how put together someone’s apartment is to be an indicator of how put together their life is.  When I say this, I’m not saying that one should go out and purchase luxurious furniture or expensive statement pieces. Money doesn’t make the man, and you certainly don’t need a Scrooge McDuck-sized bank account to keep your space clean, organized, cozy, and welcoming to other people.  This my friends, is the importance of ambiance.  So read on and discover some simple ways to set the ambiance you want in any room or apartment.


The use of music is the easiest way to create the ambiance you desire.  And one convenient way to achieve said ambiance is to title your playlists by mood.  If you want to generate sentimentality, add some classic rock and some rhythm and blue songs.  If it’s a Friday night and you have a few friends over, add in a few remixes of popular hip-hop beats or some contemporary pop music.  The point is this, if you want the environment to feel a certain way, music is the best way to get that started.  


Lighting is far and away the easiest way to establish ambiance.  If a room is brightly lit, it can evoke cleanliness and transparency.  If a room is dimmed, it can stimulate a feeling of sentimentality or sensuality.  If a room is completely dark, well, you get the hint.  The point of lighting is to help you generate the ambiance you desire.  So if you’re thinking of swapping a light fixture or two at home, consider purchasing:

A floor lamp that can be dimmed – the price variance of these pieces can be substantial so it really depends on your budget.  But investing in a designer-ish looking floor lamp will at the minimum guarantee that you can use it for many seasons.  Make sure you buy one that is aesthetically pleasing in the daylight as well!

Small votive candles –  these don’t need to be expensive or scented.  Buy a bag from Ikea for ten bucks and put them in glass cups or that mason jar that came with the twenty dollar acai berry and granola yogurt you bought yesterday.     



You want people to notice that you go to the gym, but not through their nose.  You don’t want your room smelling of sweat and gym socks.  So here are practical reasons why you need to up your fragrance game:

They mask bad odors – Everyone smells sometimes, and if you do have some sort of scent lingering about, odds are that you’ve been swimming around in it for so long that you’re not even aware of how bad it is.  Something like this can be easy to miss, but will get visitors running for the front door if you’re not careful.  Fix it.  Buy a brand of cologne or eau de toilette and let it be your signature scent.    

They demonstrate your thoughtfulness – Especially candles.  They show that you not only care about one’s comfort, but also about keeping your place looking great. A good scented candle helps with uninvited scents and creates a pleasant sensory experience for your guests, roommates, friends, or whoever else you decide to bring around. Being considerate of something like that indicates that you care about other people’s comfort and that you are thoughtful enough to do something about it.

A big thank you to Francis Ramos for contributing to this post!



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