It’s normal to have the pre-date nerves; everyone has them. No, I’m not talking about butterflies you get when you see the person; I’m talking about that nervous anxiety, the “will she like me will she not” type emotions. Not to worry though, I’ll help you analyze a few potential clues about her decisions that may give you the peace of mind to calm those nerves.  

First off, we need to analyze the seven days of the week. Each of these days has a special meaning for the working person. For example, Wednesday is called hump-day because we’re in the mid-week hump. People tend to say T.G.I.F well, because thank God it’s Friday! Thirsty Thursdays is, as it sounds, and so on so forth. With this in mind we can start analyzing the days of the week and why one day may signal something a bit more special (and thoughtful) than another day.

When talking about date nights, days of the week can be broken into tiers,
Tier 1 – Friday
Tier 2 – Thursday and Saturday
Tier 3 – Tuesday and Wednesday
Tier 4 – Monday and Sunday

and depending on which tier she decides, we may be able to ascertain (at least to some degree) how interested she is.

If you get a date on Friday, you’re in the best shape; I say this because people are usually at their most happy and energetic. It doesn’t matter if you’ve worked the whole week, Fridays are the days that working professionals tend to let loose. More often than not, she’s already in the celebratory mode, already out, and keen to see where the night takes her. Fridays are usually reserved for close friends, a time to let off some steam, drink a bit more than usual, and to feel as comfortable as possible. It’s fair to say then, that if a girl decides to go on a date with you on Friday, she most likely really wants to get to know you a bit more, and as a result, will invest the best day of the week to spend time with you.


Thursdays and Saturdays are in Tier 2 as people are a bit more conservative than they normally would be on a Friday night. On Thursdays, she may not stay out as late because there is work the next day. And even though there is light at the end of the workweek tunnel, you still have a situation where people tend to stay a bit more conservative and reserved in nature. On Saturday, although she is a lot more relaxed and rested, she most likely has to dress up again and get in the mindset where she has to put herself in a new situation. This can be bit problematic as a more formal tone has already been set and both parties are “preparing to go on a date”. Fridays just give off a more natural feeling for both parties and is generally just better than dating on a Thursday or Saturday.  


Tuesdays and Wednesday nights are considered Tier 3. Yes, it’s better than nothing, but both of you probably have many other things on your mind with regards to work, errands to run, and things to get done. Add to it the reality that there are still two days of work left and you have an early morning call the next day, and these Tier 3 days just exude a “might as well” feeling.

Nothing really needs to be said about Sundays and Mondays. The end-of-the-weekend blues are starting to kick in and the Monday Malaise has started to seep in. On Sundays, it’s either brunch or bust. On Mondays, pretend you’re busy with work.


As you can see, the day of the week a girl decides to spend with you can say a lot about how much she is interested in you. Fridays are obviously the best because everyone is at peak happiness. Next, if you can nab her on a Saturday and/or Thursday, you’re still in really good shape. My advice, stay away from Tiers 3 and 4 until the spark is already there. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.  


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