You’re interested in this girl, now what?  What are the Facebook rules?  What should I post on my Instagram account? Is Snapchat okay to use? The Workman is here to help you shuffle through all the social media etiquette you need to know.


We’ll start off with a tricky one first, Snapchat.  Yes, it’s the hippest one to use and yes it’s probably even the most sexy, but Snapchat is a slippery slope my friend.  First off, you need to record a video of yourself, which depending on your confidence could be a good or bad thing.  Secondly, which is even stranger in my opinion, is that others can see what you record!  But if you must use Snapchat, consider this:

  • Keep the messages light hearted and short.  Imagine trying to have a legitimate conversation via Snap and you fall into an awkward silence while recording.
  • There is definitely a lot more transparency when Snapchatting, so you must be prepared that this transparency will work both ways.
  • My advice, try not to use it often and instead ask her out on a face to face date or meet-up.  This just takes all the awkwardness out of it.


Everyone knows you’re shuffling through all her old photos, it’s okay, everyone does it so don’t feel too bad.  But here are a few things you must adhere to:

  • Don’t “like” a picture more than 6 months ago.  It makes you seem like a stalker that has nothing else to do with your time but to scroll through old photos of someone.
  • Don’t “comment” on a picture more than 3 months ago.  No, don’t try to be funny, don’t try to be wise, and don’t make it seem like you’re not trying; because once you comment, buddy you’re trying.  
  • Statistics say that social media represents around 10% of your life.  And if that 10% is going to represent you, why not make it the best 10%.  So, when you’re posting things on Facebook, make yourself appear to be as interesting as possible.
  • If regrets can linger for a long time, imagine how long photo documented regrets can last.  Don’t ruin your professional and social life through social media, you’ll regret it, be careful what you post!


The unique thing about Instagram is that it is completely okay to “follow” complete strangers, and complete strangers can also follow you.  But Instagram, more than Facebook, is a place where you should share your hobbies and interests, here’s how:

  • Whether you’re into food, art, or cars, Instagram is the best place to showcase your appreciation of these things.  So post onto the world wide web with taste and an eye for aesthetic.
  • Try not to post too many pictures of your friends and family on Instagram, leave that for Facebook.  Your Instagram should be a place where strangers can get an idea about the type of person you are and subtlety is key.
  • Your Instagram should have a theme. Whatever you’re into, have a few themes that allow people to get an idea of who you are. Stick to these themes and watch your fans trickle in.




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