Working in an office for eight to ten hours a day can be mentally exhausting and physically demanding. Everyone needs a pick-me-up and a quick recharge from time to time. The Workman is here to help you assemble all you need to feel refreshed and recharged in the workplace.


Imagine the feeling of that new car smell.  Have it in your mind?  Well, imagine that new car feeling in your cubicle whenever you need it. Often times you just need something to cut that stale air around the room, and almost always a spray or two does the trick. Whether you’re off to meet a friend after work, or heading to the bar with colleagues, spraying yourself with a splash of cologne will definitely recharge your batteries and refresh your mind.


When soldiers fought in the damp, cold, and unforgiving landscapes of World War II, when morale was low and hope seemed bleak, the government gave the brave soldiers two things: chocolate and cigarettes.  They believed these two items held the key to boosting morale and sparking hope in even the bleakest of circumstances, and boy did it work.

I’m not a big proponent of cigarettes, but bring on the chocolates! These sugary treats give your mind just the right kick of dopamine to get you happy and your body back into action.  And towards the end of a long workday, you’ve definitely deserved a piece or two.


I’ll say it as nicely as possible; it’s been ten hours since you last cleansed your palate. You’ve had your coffee, that stale donut, and the overpriced kale salad with chicken breast and extra avocado.  Then, if you’re like most of my colleagues, you’re perpetually dehydrated, as you probably don’t drink enough water at work; this my young padawan is a public relations disaster. You wouldn’t want to go on a post-work date with your breath in this condition, you wouldn’t buy a round at the bar in this condition, so why would you speak to your supervisor in this condition. You get the point, go and get a travel sized dental kit. Not only will you protect yourself and others, but you’ll also feel more revitalized and energized.



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