Before I met Daniel, I was a 29 year old guy that’s never had a girlfriend before.  I never thought I was a bad guy or anything, I just never had a girlfriend for some reason (I think I climbed the friendship ladder too quickly).  I’ve always wanted a girlfriend, but it just never happened for me. 

Then I met Daniel through a friend at some happy hour event.  He introduced himself to me, what he did for a living, we chatted, exchanged contacts and that was that.  Daniel seemed a generous, sincere, and unassuming guy, he seemed a cool enough.  We hung out a few times because we had some mutual friends so I kinda knew what Daniel did at the Workman.  Then one day he asked me about myself: what I did, what I liked, what types of girls I was into, etc.  And that was when I told him that I never had a girlfriend before. 

When I tell people about never having seriously dated before people usually laugh and judge, but not Daniel.  He just smiled and said, “no worries bro, i’ll help you.” And that was that.

We first talked about what I liked to do, what my job was, what my career was like, and what I wanted to achieve through this program.  Then he slowly helped me develop myself in a holistic manner.  First it was about how I should be dressing as a 29 year old accountant, then what my social life looked like, and then he had me talk to girls, which was definitely not my forte.  I ended up taking 3 courses he recommended and during the process one of the girls I met actually ended up being my girlfriend! 

I thanked Daniel for his help and he kinda just let me do my thing and enjoy the honeymoon period. Initially, I was really happy having my first girlfriend, as there were definitely a lot of firsts for me.  But then the relationship went sour.  The girl I thought I knew was someone that I ended up not knowing much at all.

It was during this period of time that I got in touch with Daniel again.  He asked me how I was doing and I kind of shared what was going on in my life; and this is where his advice really helped me.  I was so happy finally getting a girlfriend, that I was unaware I was actually in a toxic relationship.  At some point I thought that this relationship (however toxic and unhappy) was the best I could get.  But Daniel helped me through this.  

At first, I thought that the Workman was basically about helping me dress better, showing me how to spend my money, and coaching me about the best ways to pick up girls.  I didn’t think I needed it, but his advice did me a world of good.  Daniel and the Workman really helped me build my own self-confidence and belief in myself, and that I am not validated by who I date or how many people I date. 

Now, I am proud to say that I am single and don’t need a girlfriend to feel good about myself.  I know that my personality, whatever it is, will get me the right girl someday.  Through this whole thing I’ve not only developed a love for myself but I’ve also made a few good friends along the way.  This newfound belief in myself was worth the money and I recommend Daniel and his small team to anyone.

– David  

Course(s) taken:

Style and Fashion
Dating and Relationships 101

Gastronomy 101




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