After you have the basics in the fridge. It’s always nice to have a few other things around the house that give it a bit of life. I am a huge proponent of minimalism and keeping things neat and organized.  However, having some items that reveal a bit about your personality and your hobbies is always a good thing to have laid out around the house.  I recommend purchasing a few of these:

1. A nice bottle of whiskey. This is good because it has a very long shelf life and can also be used to entertain or unwind. Especially after big meals.


2. A stereo system with decent sound. You don’t need a hi-fi home theater system, but you need a device that plays decent music. It’s time to stop using your laptop and/or phone for tunes. A decent system also helps you set the ambiance if you’re entertaining.

3. Books. Always have a few books that indicate your personal interests and opinions. It gives your abode a more home-like feeling and also shows that you aren’t a gym-rat-grunt.

4. A comfortable sofa. You want to make your bachelor pad look and feel welcoming. Having a comfortable sofa is the first step, and hopefully this step leads elsewhere.


5. A plant. It can be anything, a pot for a cactus (lasts a long time) or a small fern. A little green in your place shows your responsible and sensitive side.

6. Scented candles. It’ll rid your place of any funky smells, and it will also help you set the mood and ambiance.


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