Kanye might’ve said it best when he dropped these lines about fashion and what it meant to him:

“Spend your whole life trying to get that ice
On a Polo rugby it looks so nice
How can something so wrong make me feel so right?” 

Don’t worry, I’d never advise you to drop no ice on no Polo rugby, and if you did I’d talk you out of it.  But what I will say about fashion is this, that everyone has their own style and if yours revolves around streetwear, then more power to you.  However, ten years ago, if you walked out of the house in an oversized t-shirt, sweat pants, and sneakers, people would’ve assumed you were on the way to the gym.  Now, you could walk into Sunday brunch with the same outfit and seem fashionable!  So, speaking of the evolution of fashion, here are the basic rules of streetwear and how you can pull it off.


Shoes (kicks) are the single most important item in streetwear fashion.  The right clothes with the wrong kicks will attract the wrong type of attention, so paying attention to your shoes is a must.  Do so by paying attention to these basic rules:

  • Make sure your shoes are always stain free and clean.  Streetwear doesn’t emphasize patina or aged leathers.  No, it’s about keeping your kicks clean and fresh, so make sure you wipe off that dirt!
  • Emphasize your shoes as they are the foundation of the outfit. The trick is to find a way to direct a person’s gaze towards that area, so if you’re wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt, make sure your shoes are a bright white or another contrasting color.



The streetwear ethos is about comfort and ease and having a laid back vibe; it’s all about sitting back, spreading out, and chilling about. To express this look, your outfit must exude comfort and an easygoing attitude. Therefore, in addition to your sparkly clean shoes, your clothes should follow these trends:

  • Wear oversized garments but stick with a size larger than your usual, don’t go overboard. Whether it is a pair of relaxed sweats with a ton of legroom, or an oversized logo shirt, the idea is to be free and casual, with a relaxed attitude. Oversized garments tend to give off this type of appeal as the drape-y affect displays a chilled out vibe.
  • Go vintage. Old school prints and logos are all the rage. I mean, even FILA is making a comeback! So don’t be afraid to rock the old stuff and ride the hype!
  • The louder the color the cooler you’ll look. Don’t be afraid to rock some color. Going all black with a pair of all white ultra boosts is a definite win. But rocking an oversized pink shirt with the same look is even cooler.



Impossible is Nothing and therefore you should Just Do It; just never wear both brands together as Nike and Adidas can never be a couple. However, if you’re going to rock the brand with three stripes or the swoosh, go loud and proud. If staying alone with your VLone is your thing, go for it. You like a bright red heart with eyes in it? No one’s judging. If all your shirt says is Supreme, what’s wrong with that? The people that judge you for wearing Commes Des Garcons can calm the f*** down.  And if you’re feeling a bit Off-White, don’t worry, it’s alright.  

Just stay away from Sketchers, I mean really though, Sketchers?      



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