Are you detailed oriented? Are you a quick learner? Are you organized? Are you motivated? No, I’m not talking about your resume or a google search for “resume adjectives”. I’m talking about you! Do you possess these qualities? If not, then read on and discover why it’s important for you to master these qualities so it radiates out of you.


How you put yourself together in the morning is the biggest indication of how you want to be noticed. Are you clean-shaven? This could indicate your personality, straight and to the point. Is your man-beard groomed? This can add to your charisma, what a macho man! What is your haircut like? Short and tight on the edges or long and shabby. The way you look can determine all of this. So pay careful attention to how you want to portray yourself, it goes a long way.


Whatever personal style you want to display, you can still add a detail-oriented and disciplined approach to it. There can beauty in bewilderment, but do so purposefully. You want to give off the relaxed look? Then unhinge another shirt button, but make sure the shirt is ironed! You’re into street style? Wear those Jordans but make sure those kicks are fresh and clean. You’re a jeans and t-shirt type of guy? If the shirt don’t fit you must acquit. You like to play with textures? Then you’d better not wear wool when it’s hot out. The point is this: whatever your style preference, make sure you’re disciplined in the details, if you’re not, you’ll just look like a slob.



Nobody gets it right the first time, or even the tenth time! How you desire to portray yourself takes time. You need to learn about yourself, about your interests, and how you want to be perceived. Then once you kind-of know all of this, you need to test it out. And if the results aren’t to your liking, then you need to tweak and tinker and iterate again and again.

Practice what pleases you and always be purposeful in the portrayal of yourself.  



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