Firm handshake? Check. Eye contact? Check.   Dressed appropriately for the interview? Check. Confidence? You’re working on it but check. Now what? Read these interview tips to help you convince the hiring manager that you’re the right guy for the job!


Know Yourself

Before you step foot into the room, make sure you know yourself. Take a deep breath, look yourself in the mirror, and be critical. What are you good at? What are your strengths? What are the better aspects of your personality? What can you improve on? Knowing yourself will help you talk about yourself with confidence and authenticity. Practice this with close friends and family, and when it’s time for you to interview you will seem confident, capable, and not cocky.

Know the Company

You kind of already knew this but I’m going to repeat it. Do your homework and your due diligence. Know what the company does, what their competitors do, and then position yourself so that you can add the most value possible.

Get Your Questions Ready

If you need clarification about the role, ask some focused questions to help you gain the understanding. If you’re looking for a new career, ask about vertical mobility. Come prepared with what you want to know, you obviously weren’t satisfied with your previous job, so make sure you’re stepping into the position you want.


An interview usually starts with either the employer telling you a bit more about the role and what they’re looking for or them asking you to tell them a bit about yourself. If they speak first, the first skill you must develop is to this: listen.


Effective communication is important when you’re interviewing and listening is the biggest component. Remember to make eye contact, give positive facial expressions, and to have good posture. Nod and smile to display acknowledgement and sit upright to indicate that you’re taking the person you’re speaking with seriously.  Communicate non-verbally through your body language.

Don’t Talk too Much

This could be difficult, but focus on the questions being asked. With anxiety comes rambling, focus on what you have to say and say it clearly. If you need time to think, definitely ask them for some time to think about the question. Once you’ve thought it through, compose yourself and then execute.

Match the Job Description with Your Skills

Always add value!  Don’t regurgitate your resume, they’ve read it already and that’s why you’re interviewing. But demonstrate how your unique skillset complements the job and how you can do it better.


Take a deep breath and grab yourself a drink. If you’ve given yourself a fair shot then that is all you could’ve done.  What’s over is over and if the job was meant to be than it will be.  Just don’t forget to send a thank you letter!


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