Living alone (in a new city) was the best experience of my life. I had a small but comfortable studio apartment. I had what I needed. I bought what I wanted. I invited whom I wanted. I did what I wanted.  My biggest word of advice, if you can afford to live without roommates, do it, you won’t regret it. And as you’re living the bachelor life, here are a few items you must have in your refrigerator.

1. Always stock your fridge with fresh eggs. They can be used in a variety of meals, last a few weeks, and can go with anything! #eggsmakeeverythingbetter

2. Fresh black pepper, good salts, extra virgin olive oil. These 3 ingredients are all you need to kick foods up a notch.


3. Hot sauce, because it doesn’t have a lot of calories, and complements many types of foods.


4. Lemons and Limes. They complement a lot of different drinks, makes water taste better, and right when they are about to expire you can cut them up and place them in your fridge to make your fridge smell fresher.

5. A bottle of champagne and a bottle of white wine. Because you never know who may visit. Girls will definitely take notice.  Imagine this line:

Boy: What would you like to drink?  I have beer, wine, and champagne.
Girl: Champagne?  Why do you have that?
Boy: I save it for special occasions. (pops champagne)


6. A 6 pack of craft beer.  Because a 30-pack of Bud-Light isn’t exactly attractive. 



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