Books about love and romance exist for a reason. I’ve never read any of them, but if I were to judge these books by their covers, I’d venture to say that women probably think we’re all strange and extra terrestrial (which may be true). Suffice to say, human beings are difficult, and relationships even more so! Now read on and find out what women really want. 


Set goals for yourself and realistic ways to achieve them. Determination in a guy is a big turn on and shows that you are all about the future. If you’re satisfied with your job and career, then go learn something new. Learn how to mix cocktails, take cooking classes, or pick up a new sport or hobby. Not satisfied with your career? Well, continue to work hard and then find ways to achieve what you want. Being determined and ambitious is always a plus, and this inner drive will reveal itself when you least expect it. Worst-case scenario? You’ll simply be a more interesting person!


Being “chill” just doesn’t work anymore. Every guy always wants to say that they are the “chillest” and “most laid back” person they’ll ever meet. The reality is that they’re not and nope; don’t be like that, it just means you’re indifferent and lazy. Be passionate. About anything! If you’re into politics, pull and don’t push your views. If you’re into sports, take her to the park and show her how to play it. If you’re into rare Asian art, take her to a museum then out for Asian inspired cocktails afterwards, make it fun! Passion is the driver of all things great, so exude passion in your interests and just watch where it takes you.


This is the most important. It’s okay if you don’t want to get married. It’s okay if you don’t like children and never want to have them. It’s even okay if you don’t know what you want out of a relationship. Just be honest about it. If you want to have fun, be honest about it. If you’re dabbling around to see what you’re into, that’s fine, be honest about it. Women are okay if you’re confused with your own life, just don’t confuse them! Give yourself a long look in the mirror, ascertain what you want in your love life, and then be up front about it. Being frank with oneself and then with others is the most redeeming quality, and people will admire you for it. Be honest.

Personal Reflection

Misplaced confidence is simply ego. But investing in yourself in the right ways is conviction. Invest in your health. Invest in your career. Invest in your relationships. And finally, invest in reflection. Nobody is perfect, and you surely aren’t. The best way to invest in yourself is to be reflective. What could you have done better? What can you do to make things easier for the people around you? How can you be more sacrificial? How do you become a better man? Self-reflection is the ultimate sign of confidence: admitting to yourself that you’re not perfect and that you can always improve shows that you know who you are. It doesn’t get better than that. ­­



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