Do not read on if you’re not a hard worker. The easiest way to impress your boss is to do what you’ve signed up for, do it right, with minimal mistakes, and with zero complaints. Do read on if you want to know a few ways to score a few brownie points with your boss!  

It’s imperative for you to know that your boss is not your friend. Yes, in certain very specific cases can a boss become a confidant, but in most cases, and for the purposes of this article, we are going to go with a hard “no”- your boss is not your friend. Having made this very clear, here’s how you can impress.


The older you are the more your reputation matters, and your actions signify who you are as a person. So when you go to work, take it seriously. The first thing you should do is to dress like a professional. That usually means looking presentable, well groomed, and not sloppy. Yes, if you’re working at a surf shop in Malibu maybe dirty sneakers and greasy hair is appropriate. But if you’re aiming for bigger things and more responsibility then you must at least look like you’re capable of handling such things. So dress like you care about the company, your role within it, and take the job seriously. Your colleagues will notice, and so will your boss.




When you signed on the dotted line you basically put your reputation on that line. Your behavior at work and your ability to perform as you said you would can positively and negatively affect your reputation and integrity. Therefore, grow up and do what you say. One way to gain favor in your boss’ eyes is to volunteer to do extra work, even if your contract doesn’t specify.

Doing a bit of extra work every once in a while shows that you are capable, resourceful, and multi-talented.   Additionally, it shows that you are a team player, as doing a bit more work on your end means a little less work for your boss. So, next time you want to gain a few brownie points, remember this, be proactive with your volunteering.


This doesn’t have to happen all the time, but most of the time it’s the little things that matter. Let’s say you went on a trip to Europe for your annual leave, bring back a couple boxes of chocolates to share in the community room. It’s Christmas time and you’re feeling merry? Maybe buy your boss a thoughtful gift to brighten up their mood. The point is this, be generous. Not only does generosity demonstrate your selflessness but it also displays your understanding that the whole is greater than it’s parts, and this is especially important when you’re working for a small to mid-sized company. So, whether with your time, your energy, or your wallet, whichever works best for you, be generous.


Don’t be a suck up, but be intuitive. When you’re going out for a cup of coffee, stop by and ask if your colleagues or boss want anything. Don’t expect them to pay you back, and if they offer to give you money, inform them that they can get it for you next time. This is an easy and simple way for you to foster favor in your workplace. Everyone loves coffee and chocolate!



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