Sometimes the romanticism of cooking a meal from scratch can be lost in an age where everything is so quick and efficient. Economies of scale make cooking at home monetarily displeasing, the preparation and cleanup make the whole process cumbersome, and then there’s the actual slaving over the stovetop itself! But there is more in cooking a meal from scratch than just the aforementioned. Here are some reasons why you should cook at home and why you should do it more often.

It’s healthier.  You see exactly what goes into your dish. You get to wash your vegetables to get them as clean as you want, cook your meat as well as you want, and put as many ingredients (or as little) as you want!


It is a sign of maturity (for yourself and others). Gone should be the days of a McDonald’s Number 1 with Sprite and a burrito bowl with extra rice. There is a sense of accomplishment when you do something from conception to completion. The process of deciding on something, preparing to do something, doing that something, then enjoying it shows others that you are reliable and capable, so cook!


It’s an opportunity to impress. Decide on what you like to eat and then cook it a few times so that you get the quality of the dish consistently delicious. Once you have accomplished this consistency, invite someone special over, open a bottle of wine, put on some music, and then let the good times roll.


It helps you learn. A man that can’t cook is a man without culture. There is simply too much to learn and appreciate in this world and cooking is the best way to experience it. Invite a few friends over for a potluck, have them share their food and as an extension, their culture. Learn and be empathetic, then succeed as a world citizen.





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