I made many mistakes when I first started my career. Most of them were because I didn’t know any better. I’m not talking about sending the wrong emails or saying the wrong things at work, no, I made mistakes because I didn’t know the importance of being presentable.  Being presentable included how I looked, what I wore, how I wore it, and the confidence I exuded. 

Often times I didn’t know how to dress myself appropriately for work, what looked good for work related socials, after work drinks, and all that other stuff. As such, I wasted so much money without knowing what I really wanted (or needed!).

Dress for success.  You would never wear an old t-shirt and dirty trousers to a first date.  So why wouldn’t you dress for success at work, especially when your money (money for dates) depends on it!  Here are 5 things that every man must have for work:IMG_7066

1) A suit that fits.

Everyone needs a suit, even if you don’t have to wear one to work.  So if you had to own one suit, it’s safest to go with black even though blue is the more modern color and way more versatile (both casually and professionally).  And if you only want to spend money on one, get it tailored, it’s worth the extra investment as it is made just for you!  

2) A pair of quality leather shoes.

Whether it’s black or brown, a pair of quality leather shoes lets people know you take yourself seriously.  And with your new black or blue suit, both black and brown shoes match.  I suggest purchasing one with leather soles so they can be re-soled when you’ve worn them out.  Also, if you’re torn on a half size or a whole size, such as 9.5 or 10, go 10; you can always wear thicker socks, especially during the winter.


3) A few white button down shirts.

Not only can you wear them to work, you can also wear them on the weekends with khaki shorts; that is how versatile these shirts are.  They match with any color suit you decide to wear, can be worn with or without a tie, and if you need a more casual look, just roll up your sleeves.  Buying off the rack (S, M, L) is okay with these shirts.

4) A few light blue button down shirts.

This shirt is just as versatile as the white button down and just as essential.  They pair with almost all colors and can be worn both in a formal setting or at the beach in khakis.  If you want to add some detail to them, get them tailored and choose your own buttons and stitching for some extra pop.

5) A quality leather belt.

Make sure this leather belt is as basic as possible.  Don’t purchase one with elaborate buckles, prints, or engravings.  Keep it simple and keep it clean. Also make sure that this belt is the same color as the leather shoes you just purchased.  Black shoes, black belt. Brown shoes, brown belt.  There are no exceptions. 


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