We’ll say it here first, if it didn’t work out the first time, then it most likely won’t work out the second time.  But lately we here at the Workman have received a lot of questions about how to get an ex-girlfriend back.  So, here’s what you need to do if you really want to win her back.


To begin, it’s imperative that you understand her mindset and what she is going to do as a newly minted single lady.  Once you understand her mindset, then you can strategize about the best possible way to win her back.  With that said, this is what she is going to do:

  • Hang out with her friends – just as your boys will take you out for beers and a ball game, her girlfriends will rally around her as well, but to a greater extent.  They will all dress up, they will all look pretty, and they will all go out and have fun.  They will party and you must know this.
  • Look more made up – she is going to look prettier to you and it’s true as she will spend a lot more time on herself.  She will sleep more, work out more, sweat more, and then do things to make her feel prettier.  You better prepare yourself for this.
  • Enjoy herself – basically, she is going to do whatever it is that makes her happy.  You might see her dine out more often on social media.  You may see her party a lot more with her friends.  You will definitely see her pursuing the things that make her the happiest.  And while she is out enjoying herself, she will broadcast them on Instagram and Facebook to let the world know that she is single and ready to mingle!  



Which brings us to you and your sorry self.  If you’re really trying to win her back and give the relationship one last chance, this is what you must do:

  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself – and even if you did, don’t make it seem like you are.  No one likes an insecure little boy that can’t get over a relationship.  Sure she meant a lot to you, and yes you want her back, but don’t make it seem that way.  She won’t respect you for it, trust us.
  • Show her you’ve moved on too – and broadcast it.  Go to the gym, get bigger, get stronger, get leaner, then get better.  Show her that you’re focusing on yourself and you’re learning new things and trying new things.  Make her believe and know that you’re a changed man, that you’ve changed for the better, and that the sorry version of your old self is in the garbage.
  • Make her jealous alright, so she broke up with you.  Show her that all the girls want you.  Broadcast yourself on Instagram, post interesting things on Facebook, then make her regret her decision.  Make her jealous.


Use the points below as a general timeline to gauge how long you have before she completely disregards any advances from you.

  • She’s in party mode – this is the best time to show her that you’re a changed man, that you’re the better version of yourself, and that she should take you back.  The breakup is still relatively fresh and the emotions are still there, this period is just a time for her to let loose and relax a bit.  This is the time where your social media should showcase all the cool and fun and interesting things you do.
  • She’s dating around – you still have time here as dates are simply dates.  She’s putting herself out there so she can see the world and learn new things about new people.  Her intention is to have emotional connection, but those emotional ties are still in your favor.  This would be a great time to casually ask her to hang out again.  Get a haircut, dress nicely, book a nice meal, speak with confidence, and show her you’ve changed.  Ask about her life, sincerely and with thought.
  • She likes someone else – it doesn’t matter how long you two were together before this stage, it could be six months or it could be six years.  Once she gets to this stage, you should just move on too.  This stage basically indicates that her heart is no longer with you, that her feelings of you aren’t the same anymore, and sure you two can be friends, but that’s the extent.  Click here for more dating tips.





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