According to Instagram, the hashtag #positivevibes is used around 12 million times a day.  That may seem like a lot of good vibrations shuffling around cyberspace, but dear friend that isn’t nearly enough.  Giving someone a compliment is the best way to spread positivity, and positivity is cyclical.  So read on and find out why and when and how you should give them!


Everyone has their own headaches and problems.  It could be health related, it could deal with finances, or it could just be a general dissatisfaction with how life is going.  Life is difficult sometimes, the struggle is real.  So why not make life a bit more joyful by giving a genuine compliment?  Spread the positive energy around and it will come back to you.  Especially now that the weather is a lot nicer and the winter gloom is melting away, put on those wayfarers and spread those #positivevibes.  


In our opinion, the best time to give a compliment is in the morning.  Why?  Because most people aren’t morning people.  In addition to the time of day, it’s also important to consider a few times in which giving a compliment can save you some awkward moments.  If you bump into an acquaintance you haven’t seen in some time, start by giving a compliment.  You stumble upon your ex-colleague during lunch time, give a compliment.  You’re taking the elevator up to work in the morning, give a compliment.  Not only can compliments start the day off right, compliments can also get you out of an awkward situation!



No one likes fake people, so don’t give a compliment for the sake of complimenting.  If you do this, it’ll sound superficial and the person can see right through it.  So how can you give a compliment even if you don’t particularly want to/have to without sounding like a phony?  

Compliment something specific – if the person has had a haircut or is wearing something new, pay attention to it.  Attention to detail cannot be faked.  

Compliment their character – although it may be hard to find sometimes, everyone will have at least one redeeming quality.  Some people are always on time, others are obnoxious but at least funny, still others, even in their quiet demeanor always have a kind and thoughtful heart.  So compliment their character and find that redeeming quality, it won’t sound fake.  

Compliment the relationship – sure you’re never going to be best friends with everyone, the people that believe in that are delusional.  But compliment the relationship you have with someone, then make arrangements to go out for a drink.  If the person doesn’t reciprocate, then hey, at least you’ve tried and you can rest easy.  

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